Is Romney Snubbing Letterman Because Of His Last Appearance? (VIDEO)

WATCH: Is This Why Romney Won't Go On Letterman?

David Letterman has done all he can do to convince Mitt Romney to appear as a guest on "Late Show," including telling his viewers not to vote for Mitt if he doesn't come on the show, and emphasizing that his failure to visit Letterman's program could tilt the election against him. So why doesn't Mitt show up?

After all, the show has millions of viewers, and he's been on before. The last time he appeared on the show, in February of 2011, he had not yet formally announced his candidacy for president, and was instead promoting his book No Apology. While there, Romney read the "Top Ten Things You Don't Know About Mitt Romney."

Unfortunately for Mitt, Dave didn't exactly give him a warm welcome. In the video above, Dave immediately makes some light fun at Romney's lack of a necktie, and the list isn't exactly flattering. Forcing the former governor of Massachusetts to tell America "I'm the guy in the photo that comes with your picture frame" and "Do I smell as good as I look? No," while Dave cackles from his desk, may not have made Romney eager to come back.

Coming from the guy who refuses to go on "Saturday Night Live" because he's afraid it would look unpresidential, it's easy to see why Romney's only late night stop during his campaign has been "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," hardly unfriendly territory.

Romney also appeared on Letterman's show in March 2010 to promote his book, and spent most of the low-key interview talking about the automobile industry, in which Romney's father George was an executive for much of his life.

WATCH: Romney's last interview on "Late Show."

So what do you think? Is Mitt avoiding Letterman's show because he doesn't want to be the subject of ridicule again, or because he simply doesn't consider it a priority?

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