Is Rove ready?
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Karl Rove asks: Is Barack Obama is ready for Prime Time? (as though someone requested his opinion). Strangely, after Murdoch purged the WSJ of actual editors and writers, an infestation appears to have occurred. Yes, two days in a row, WSJ=propaganda.

Here is what Mr. Rove cobbles together in hopes of passing it off as something resembling an intelligent opinion:

With $42 million in the bank, money is the least of Sen. Obama's problems. He needs a credible message that convinces Democrats he should be president. In recent days, he's spent too much time proclaiming his inevitable nomination. But they already know he's won more states, votes and delegates.

Sorry? Who asked you for your opinion other than the propaganda machine that paid you to pen it?

I think the more important question is why won't mister Rove testify under oath about his involvement in the prosecutions of:

1. Former Alabama Democratic governor, Don Siegelman
2. Sitting Mississippi State Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Diaz Jr.,
3. Mississippi famed attorney and large fund-raiser for Democrats in the South, Paul Minor
4. Mississippi Judge, West Teel
5. Mississippi Judge, John Whitfield

Or perhaps instead of writing irrelevant opinion pieces by a soon to be irrelevant publication - not unlike its sister network outlet, Fox Noise - Mr. Rove might want to explain if he is ready to testify about:

1. His relationship to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff
2. His relationship to allegedly corrupt 11th Circuit judge, William Pryor
3. His relationship to allegedly corrupt Alabama judge, Mark Fuller
4. His relationship to Bill Canary, the husband of the allegedly corrupt AL USA Leura Canary
5. His relationship to absolutely corrupt AL USA- via his friendship Bill Canary - Alice Martin
6. His involvement with the huge influx of cash delivered to Mississippi Republicans during the 2000 campaign and later, through the US Chamber of Commerce
7. His relationship to the head of the Chamber, Tom Donohue
8. His relationship to the US Attorney scandal in general, and the cases in AL and MSi in particular

I could go on, but really, all I want to know is if Karl Rove is ready to testify under oath? Mr. Rove has consistently claimed innocence, without the balls to defend himself like any innocent person would do.

I would testify under oath if I were trying to clear my name. Would you not do everything in your power to clear your name? Then why won't Mr. Rove even show up to testify?

I know Mr. Rove must really think himself clever in his continued (and flaccid) strategy to keep the Democratic primaries "in-play." Surely Mr. Rove must realize - given the alleged size of his brain (apparently in compensation for less fortunate aspects of his physique) - that keeping the Democratic primaries going and going and going is not going to make the John McCain-Jack Abramoff scandal go away. It might be on the back-burner, but it is not going to go away.

No, the real question is and has been, are you Mr. Rove, ready for prime-time? The Obama question is not something anyone needs to hear from you, Mr. Rove - especially you, who put a not-remotely ready for prime-time, night-time, or any-time, man into the Oval Office under the spin of paid -off pundits.

A man who could argue in public about the readiness of George W. Bush for prime-time is a man whose opinion on anyone's readiness for anything should be entirely ignored.

No, the only person apparently not ready for prime-time is you, Mr. Rove. But that is hardly a surprise, now is it?

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