Is Santa A Liar?

According to CNN , the story about a young boy dying in Santa's arms might just be that, a story. Multiple news outlets have attempted to verify the story and have come up empty handed.

This is just awful. I really hope this isn't true. This year has seen many tragedies, scandals & deaths of our beloved childhood heroes (Florence Henderson, Alan Thicke, Prince, Fidel Castro, John Glenn) but this might be one of the worst. The breakdown of one of the most looked up to men in the world, Santa. What is this world coming to? First he is called out for fat shaming a young boy and now he may be making up stories about dying children. I have lost all respect for this man. My whole childhood is a lie. What are we supposed to tell the children who look up to him? It will break their innocent little hearts.

On a serious note though, can he even be held responsible for this? After all, he is a fictional character, so who is really at fault? This man who doesn't even exist? Or our parents for allowing this Santa conspiracy to continue? I'm not sure, but I demand justice!