Is Sexual Harassment as Big a Problem as You Think?

Here we go. Another day, another fondling incident.

One time in an elevator, Donald Trump sexually harassed me.

That’s the gist of what she tweeted.

Well, tell me something we don't all know.

What president, besides Obama, hasn't fondled?

JFK, wasn't he rumored to have an affair with Marilyn Monroe?

Clinton had Monica Lewinsky and many others.

How many men have said and done things like that to women?

Oh, you're going home with me tonight, I've got more money than your husband.

How many rich man have used that and used money as a crutch or a way to seduce women?

It's old news.

But it's just another woman jumping on the bandwagon.

I love women, and once again, I'm going to clearly state what I have been talking about in my podcast a while now, and what I've spoken about in many articles:

If a man physically and sexually abuses a woman and he does so against her will, then I strongly believe that that man should be called out.

End. Of. Story.

That man should be punished, whatever punishment we have <Inaudible> deemed, and that woman should go get help so she's able to feel comfortable around men again, so she's able to heal from the traumatic experience.

What I am getting sick and tired of, though, are women like Luc's wife. There was no reason for her to tweet that. There was no reason for it other than simply to get attention (even though she specifically said it wasn’t to get attention).

She knew that, by tweeting it, CBS Sportsline and ESPN would pick up the story.

Of course the story would get picked up. She's a famous hockey player's wife.

She felt it was her duty to join in and disgrace our president.

Well, our president doesn't really need anybody to disgrace him. He's pretty good at doing it himself over Twitter, so I don't think that he really needs anybody else disgracing.

There is a bigger issue here.

There is a real problem that's going on.

Men who sexually harass and take advantage of women and have their way.

The Bill Cosby incidents are real.

But for men who send naked pictures, or send sex texts to women, it's not really sexual harassment.

To me that's just a lot of men being men.

And if a woman doesn't like it, it's very easy to end it.

You block their number and say goodbye to them.

We're not going to change the behavior of the species.

There are some men who think it's a really cool thing to send naked pictures of their penis to women that they just meet on the Internet.

Some men are still living in the caveman days, and they think that by doing this kind of stuff they're actually going to get a woman to sleep with them.

Apparently, it must have worked somewhere for men to keep doing it over and over again, or somebody must have shared some story that sending a dirty picture actually works.

Men don't care. They figure, even if they send a million texts and 999,999 women reject them outright, there will still be one who responds.

What is sexual harassment?

Let's really get to the root of this. The lewd acts of Louis CK in front of unsuspecting women, I would deem sexual harassment.

Dustin Hoffman trying to get his therapist to get him off? I would say that's sexual harassment.

Bill Cosby drugging people and then having sex with them, that's rape. No question about it.

But a man coming onto a woman in an elevator and telling you that he has more money than your husband and you should go home with him? No, those are ostentatious remarks that men have been making forever.

See, there's a real problem going on in today's society. There are women who are coming out that are in pain. Real pain. Pain from being sexually abused.

Pain from being raped.

Those are the women that we need to support every single day. Those are the women that we need to get help. Those are the women that need to not feel shame. Those are the women that need to be supported.

Those are the women that we need to embrace and allow their secrets to get out.

Get out what they've been feeling and how that they've been shamed into.

Luc Robitaille's wife? I’m sorry, but that is not pain.

If she’s telling the whole story, then that is not sexual harassment that needs to be outed.

The woman who outed the Miami Dolphins coach who snorted cocaine off of her body?

That's joining in on the party that we seem to have created in 2017 of literally just outing every single man who's ever done anything rude or disrespectful to women.

There's a bigger issue here, and that bigger issue is that we really, the sexes, are not communicating to each other anymore.

That's the biggest issue that's going on. It's a lack of respect and a lack of communication, the disconnection that we have because of social media and everything else. We're just not connecting with one another as we used to.

We're doing it through online sources instead of doing it through face-to-face and getting together.

And when two sexes like men and women are misaligned like that, men will start to get aggressive, because they're literally like inmates in jail, and the women will start to attack back with words and accusations.

Please, let's figure out the deeper meaning behind all this, folks, so we can really feel instead of just outing people.

Let's heal what's going on on a cultural level.

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