Is 60 the New 40?

In the past few years we hear how each decade makes us younger. Forty is the new 20, 50 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40. At this rate, aging sounds exciting!

Truthfully, aging can be difficult on all levels, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It's how we work these categories that will make the difference between feeling forty or feeling sixty.

With age comes wisdom and experience. There is a better feeling of oneself and less insecurities. You stop worrying about the insignificant things in life and have a better understanding and appreciation of our own mortality. I'm not inferring that we just accept aging. We need to do whatever we can to ward it off on all levels, because with all the positives, believe me, there are just as many negatives.

Emotionally, it can be a pretty dark time. For many, we become empty nesters, divorced, widowed or we just find ourselves alone without any potential of sharing a life someone. This is when we really start to feel 60. In our forties, many of us still have kids dirtying up our homes and we're still making endless meals for everyone. Sounds pretty delightful to someone who's kids have flown the coop. We are either with a partner or out having fun in search of one. We are still believing in the happily ever after and haven't realized how ridiculously fast the clock is ticking.

Physically at 40, we have never felt better in our lives. For many, sex becomes better and more fulfilling. We've blossomed into a beautiful maturity and are feeling quite confident. We have finally gotten our bodies to where they should be and are embracing our curves. When 60 starts to rear its ugly head, we are given a choice, we can get lazy and use our age as an excuse to let go or we can fight even harder to stay in the great shape we have found to have. I believe the last 20 years have just been the foundation to carry us through as we age. Use the same principles we've discovered in our forties to keep us fit and healthy into our sixties and beyond.

On a Spiritual level, at 60, we have become aware of gratitude at a higher level. We look at life with a glass half full attitude. This alone is one of the big advantages of aging. We see things in a more colorful light as if our senses have been heightened. At 40, we are still going through the motions without smelling the roses.

When it comes to love, I believe that at 60, you are finally able to love for the right reasons. The games have ceased. Our hearts are fearless and more open than ever. There's a feeling of comfort when you find the right one, as if you have finally come home.

Is 60 really the new 40? In many ways yes, but if given a choice, for me, I'm thinking of embracing the sixties with open arms and I'm excited to make it the best decade of my life.