Is Status Quo Killing You?

I recently spoke at a conference and was reminded that too often a default as professional women is to feel that our situation is insurmountable, that there’s nothing we can do to change it.

It just is what it is.

One woman shared her challenge about her need to work 24/7. Her entire life was work. No time for anything else. Her life and health were suffering, but in her mind there was no way around it.

Her boss worked 24/7 and when she asks him how he does it his response was just he “just did”.

It often blows my mind how stuck we can feel, with no way out. We have no idea how to do anything differently. Our back is up against the wall.

We also don’t want to do anything differently out of a fear of: how others will respond, risk of being fired, being seen as selfish, not feeling important, etc.

This might not be your specific situation, but I would suspect that you too struggle with a ‘status quo’, that’s not adding any value to your life.

A status quo that’s inhibiting you from reaching your version of success or living your best life.

Maybe your status quo is:

  • Feeling guilty?
  • Putting everyone and everything above you?
  • Not taking a moment to yourself?
  • Being the ‘easy’ button for your entire team, because they all know what a Type A doer you are and you get shit done?
  • Staying in your comfort zone?
  • Not sharing your thoughts, your ideas because of a risk of not sounding smart enough?
  • Always connected to a device?
  • Too much time on social media?
  • Not enough sleep?
  • Worrying?
  • Always assuming the negative?
  • Not owning your value?
  • Not taking bold action?
  • Etc.

If it’s none of these – identify yours. Stop here until you have one.

Now you’ve just owned a situation that you know isn’t serving you.

How is it going to feel one year from now if nothing changes?


The good thing is when you know better you can do better.

Here are 3 Steps to Disrupt your Status Quo.

1) Name it. Own it. This you’ve already done.

2) Stop Pretending. Stop pretending your habit isn’t ‘that bad’ that it’s not having a ripple effect on those you lead at home or at work. Stop pretending you have all of your shit figured out, because nobody does! Especially the person you assume does. She too struggles. We all do. There’s no such thing as perfection. Striving for perfection is only going to disappoint because you’ll NEVER achieve it.

Brené Brown also shares an amazing TED Talk called The Gift of Imperfection. I definitely recommend a watch/listen.

3) Connect. Lower your guard and connect with colleagues and friends, and ask how they navigate a challenge similar to yours in their own lives? We have so much to learn from each other.

Nobody is going to do it for you. It’s up to you.

What would change if you owned it today. If you made the conscious choice to shut down the bad habit and replace it with one that fuels you?

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Be vulnerable. Share your status quo stories. You will definitely not be alone.

How did you choose to disrupt your status quo and what’s different now?

Or share what you are going to do differently and the impact it will have.

I’ll go first.

It’s interesting, a non-work situation just came up for me as I am writing this. I feel compelled to out myself.

I feel embarrassed to share this because I consider myself intelligent, I know the impact this can have yet I still continued to text in the car.

This is a status quo I have chosen to disrupt.

Two days ago my husband and I talked about this deathly habit and committed to be different. Since then I haven’t given myself permission to do it.

I have to fight the urge and instinct, but there’s too much at stake with status quo. Even thinking about what we have been role-modeling is sickening.

So, what’s yours?

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