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Is Tattoo Fine Art? 'Skin,' A New Documentary, Asks

Are tattoos fine art? The medium, which used to be seen as a marker of those on the periphery, is now experiencing widespread acceptance, especially among today's youth. Yet, even though tattoos are becoming more common, the act of tattooing as a creative form has not experienced the same sort of recognition in the art world.

A new documentary, 'Skin,' asks whether tattoo be considered fine art, and enlists the help of art world heavy hitters such as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Raymond Pettibon to give answers. Directed by famed UK Music Video director Ryan Hope, 'Skin' is just as heavy on striking images and composition as its subject matter. Produced by the forward-thinking Shoreditch production studio, Stamp, 'Skin' "tests the boundaries of art and the human body."

View the trailer below or on Stamp's website.

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