Is That All You've Got, Still?

The GOP is vainly searching for a qualified Presidential Candidate!

With the elections less than two years away Republicans are still sifting through a tired list of potential candidates with very little luck!

The list of potential Presidential candidates reflects the uncertainty and unrest in the new Republican Party.

It seems like every few weeks a new prospect rises within the party and another on the list loses their lustre.

The list, since Obama's defeat of McCain in 2008, has been in flux with no less than 18 potential stars. Some have already gone supernova, permanently fading from the list. Others are soon to follow.

The current list, which includes recirculated hopefuls like Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Sarah Palin, and Presidential wannabe's like Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, and Michele Bachmann, is a study in both inanity and insanity.

Which Republican Presidential Candidate can challenge President Obama?

As described in an article in July 2009, "Is That All You've Got?" some rising stars eliminated themselves before the ink was dry on their endorsements. That was the case with Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford, and John Ensign, the latter two involved in widely publicized sex scandals.

The same is true of recently canonized Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, who derailed his chances with a self-convicting punk phone call. And another, Chris Christie, an overweight, loud-mouthed Jersey bully being urged by Ann Coulter to run, insists he's not running for President. An endorsement by Coulter cannot be a positive thing.

But, it's the insanity side that's disturbing.

Though she probably won't, Sarah Palin keeps the base energized with hints of a run for the coveted political position.

The insanity? She wasn't qualified to be Vice President and many question whether she was qualified to be Governor. Even more insane, her veiled campaign overtures have spawned other questionable aspirants like Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, neither qualified to be in Congress -- encouraged by Palin's faux popularity.

There are, however, problems with the GOP front-runners; deficiencies that give others hope.

Ron Paul won the straw poll for the 2nd straight year at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) much to the chagrin of the Republican establishment. He received 30% of the 3,742 ballots cast. Mitt Romney, who came in second with 24% of the vote, has his own problems. His healthcare program as Governor will be difficult to overcome. Mike Huckabee continually runs third or fourth which still gives him an opportunity to win the candidacy.

Then, there is, Tim Pawlenty, who has, as described in my reprise article, changed so radically to appease the crazy base, that he is no longer electable.

John Thune announced last week that he would not be seeking the nomination, increasing the number of Republicans not running, though few realized he might.

Still others, Haley Barbour, the outspoken good ol' boy Governor from Mississippi; Mitch Daniels, Budget Director under Bush who turned a budget surplus into a deficit; and even deficit creating secessionist Governor, Rick Perry, pop up as potential presidential candidates. They have slim to no chance of garnering the nomination, but will not be the last names to surface.

Regardless of which names emerge and who eventually declares, it is going to be an exciting campaign season for the GOP aspirants. It will be equally interesting to see which inane platform they adopt.

In spite of Obama's weakness in bringing about the change he promised -- his failure to fully represent those that swept him into office -- and a pragmatic style; a willingness to accept compromises that fall short of expectations, there is no one on the list of Republican hopefuls capable of winning the Presidency.

Obama is beatable, but one must pose the question to Republicans...

...Is that all you've got?