Is That the Ticket?


Thanks to MSNBC and the recent Democratic candidate debate in Durham, N.H. I've seen enough. At one point during it, Bernie Sanders said, asking for some slack on a question, "This is the first time I've run for president." God bless him.

Without Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in this race ,we'd be looking at Scott Walker or Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton right now, and she would have drifted to the center. Bernie's presence has helped raise and clarified so many critical issues, from Wall Street to education debt to what happened in Iraq. And because of that Clinton has had to declare herself as a progressive, and take firm stands on progressive issues. And she said it last night: just because I've received money from Wall Street doesn't mean I am in their pocket.

I found her last night to be significantly better than Sanders on every issue, and loved it when she noted that with regard to her being progressive that she would be the first woman president, as she channeled her 1968 activist, feminist Wellesley College self. Meanwhile, Bernie continuously emphasizes his respect for Clinton and the similarity in their views.

If Clinton is the nominee, Bernie Sanders deserves a standing ovation for what he's done. And a Clinton/Sanders ticket would be the best 1-2 ticket in my lifetime.