Is the 2013 Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn) the Most Dramatic Finish to a Football Game of All-Time?

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Answer by John DeMarchi, @johnjdemarchijr

Let's get right to the contenders ...

Only a few games can remotely rival what happened at the end of Alabama-Auburn:

The kick looks like it will be good -- it isn't, falling short -- and then, WOW, he could go all the way!!!

Check out these reactions by Auburn AND Bama fans up on YouTube, amazing:

The top four finishes I've ever seen in football games OTHER THAN the 2013 Iron Bowl are:

1) The Immaculate Reception -- Steelers beat Raiders on final play of an NFL playoff game, 1972, on crazy deflection.

2) The Music City Miracle -- Titans beat Bills on final play of an NFL Playoff Game with lateral and kickoff return for TD. You have to love Theismann "I'd take my chances on a return as opposed to a squib kick." As a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan -- thanks, Joe.

3) Replacement Refs Game -- Seattle "beats" Green Bay on last second TD pass on Monday Night Football, a call officials totally screw up (play should have been an INT), throwing all wagers on that game into chaos.

4) Cal vs. Stanford -- The Stanford Band game.

BTW, on Cal-Stanford, watch slow-mo :40 in, clearly that guy is down, game over. So this return even had a blown call.

True, many games have been decided on the final play with Hail Marys and such -- but I've rarely seen a game of the magnitude of the 2013 Iron Bowl decided on such an unusual, rare and final play as a 109-yard return off a missed FG.

My $.02?

The Iron Bowl finish would rank third all-time, but only because 1-2 above were NFL Playoff Games.

The 2013 Iron Bowl Game is the single greatest finish I've ever seen in a college football game.

There was MUCH more on the line than Cal vs. Stanford (those teams were so-so in 1983).

This was #1 vs. #4 in America's arguably most bitter college football rivalry. Cal-Stanford is a very big rivalry, no question; it's just that the Alabama-Auburn is just much, much bigger rivalry; four of the last five national champs were one of these two teams, folks.

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