Is the A Christmas Story House Haunted?


Something uninvited might be roaming around Ralphie's house from A Christmas Story, and it isn't the Bumpus dogs from next door. According to Paranormal Pop Culture's Larissa Mrykalo, the Cleveland, Ohio, home used in the 1983 holiday classic is the focus of an upcoming paranormal investigation.

American Haunts, an Indianapolis, Indiana, ghosthunting group is conducting the investigation of the house, Jan. 24-27, 2014. With the infamous "fragile" leg lamp in the window, the home also serves as a year-round museum dedicated to the film. Though this is the first time the home has been connected to spirits beyond that of the Christmas variety.

The Facebook page of the group also linked to Cleveland news station Fox 8's story about the investigation, and identifies American Haunts as a television show -- though no network or scheduling information to confirm that is currently available.

As for paranormal claims? American Haunts hasn't announced what it will be looking into. But if there is something paranormal happening there, perhaps it's the ghost of Ralphie's awful pink bunny suit.