Is the American Dream Still Reachable?

Yes it is, but sorrowfully it doesn't seem to happen as often as before, and that's a challenge for the new America. But we also have to ask ourselves a question: What does the American dream mean to you? Is it necessarily more money, which also includes more hours at the office or at the factory? The dream can also mean more time for friends, connecting to deeper feelings or just a wish to be happier. I know so many people who barely have food on the table, but still are quite happy and content.

It's vital for people to know that anything is still possible if they're doing great things and work hard enough. That vision must never fade out in America because it's something that really is central in the Americans' foundation and spirit. An essential goal for many is to hope for better days -- to "make it" and to finally achieve what they aimed for so they can secure their family's future. But nowadays, everybody knows that it's much harder to find fame and fortune.

If the American dream dies out, so will the American economy because the future for Americans would then be very uncertain. It would be crucial for America to have passive workers without any ambitions or hopes -- a situation we find in some European and African countries where nobody really believes in the future, and with good reason. But let us just look the fact in the eye that the American dream will never die out! The American dream, as we have seen it till now, may have changed -- it's no longer about having the most money in your bank account. Now it means fairness to all people and to actually have fewer and smaller things -- the best things in life are actually free.

Americans will always be dreamers, and I mean that in a very positive way because dreamers are the hard workers. Dreamers are the innovators of the world and dreamers will always reach out for something better and bigger, and work their asses off till it's done. So, for an American, the American dream is still very much alive, but it can be harder to obtain if it's only material goals you are aiming for, however, remember this: Americans often, somehow, seem to find ways to accomplish their economic goals, as well.