Is the Bull Market Over?

Right now we are officially in the second longest bull market ever. In the US, stock indexes are spiking and Americans are having to be more diligent than ever with their investments. This year actually marks the seventh anniversary of the bull market. This bull market has been going on for what seems like an eternity to some, but is it finally over? It seems as though it may have finally run its course and we may finally be done with the bull market.

While some experts are split on the issue, the general consensus is that we haven't necessarily seen the end of the bull market, but it doesn't mean that it isn't coming. Some think the bear is just getting "tired" but not necessarily ready to retire. However, ultimately, the best way to take a look at the current market condition is to look at it sector by sector. I've created several millionaires in my Millionaire Trading Challenge during this period.

The biggest issue right now is that there hasn't been enough job growth or profit growth in the economy to signify that the bull market is indeed over. While we have seen a few months of job growth and early signs of a wage inflation, we have a long way to go until we can claim the bull market is over. The US is still in recovery mode when it comes to getting through the great recession.

The introduction of new technologies have also has an impact on us seeing the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak of this current bull market end. Even with all of the worries, tech is leading the way when it comes to the potential upturn in the market. Many expect that the Nasdaq, which is already up this year is going to outperform again this year, thanks to strong tech stocks such as Amazon and Netflix. These big name stocks along with emerging technologies in cloud computing and cybersecurity all spell a positive potential future for the market.

Investors should also look to the financial sector in 2016 as its performance may be indicative of the future success of the market. After years of not getting very much attention, banks are ready for a breakout 2016. Financial institutions are actually benefiting from rising rates and are now making more money off loans, which means their stocks are thriving.

While there is some hope for the potential end of our current bull market, ultimately, it doesn't really matter for today's investors. Experts agree that smart investors need to look towards learning new strategies that work in the market, whether it is a bull or bear, and focus on reacting to the market conditions, not guessing what will happen next. The best thing investors can do is to look towards the emerging tech markets and other thriving markets such as the restaurant industry for guidance in how the market is performing and may perform in the future. Don't try to worry about the bull market being over or not, just take what opportunities come up. It's good to know the patterns and catalysts for what will move the market as you can see in this free guide I wrote.