Is The Clinton Foundation A Front?

Because Donald Trump has continually accused the Clintons of turning the Clinton Foundation into a crime organization, I decided to investigate his charge. What I discovered was that Bill Clinton has built one of the most extraordinary non-governmental organizations in the world. In fact, the Clinton Foundation may be doing more to improve the lives of the poor and needy than most governments. I also found that the foundation saves American taxpayers money by serving as a quasi-American foreign and domestic services organization. Now, instead of fighting Congress for taxpayer money to fund his programs, President Clinton lobbies the world's rich and powerful for the money he needs to support his programs. And he's found 200,000 contributors.

If you think that number is impressive, you'll be even more impressed by the number of people who have benefitted from the money Clinton's raised: 450 million!!!! The American Institute of Philanthropy is also impressed. That's why they have given the Clinton Foundation an A rating and named them one of the top philanthropic organizations in the world. And the American Institute of Philanthropy is not the only monitoring organization that has given the foundation an A rating. So has Charity Navigator.

So what exactly has the Clinton Foundation accomplished? Watch these videos to see for yourself.

The Foundation has started business mentoring programs in 9 American cities.

The Foundation has set up antipoverty programs around the world.

The Foundation has helped farmers.

The Foundation runs AIDS, anti-malaria, and health access programs.

The Foundation has established programs that provide early childhood education and development.

The foundation has established education and job placement programs.

The Foundation has provided earthquake relief in Haiti.

The Foundation works with organizations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

And the Foundation has improved women's lives, boosted literacy, fought for workers' rights, improved health care... and the list goes on and on and on!

The real crime is that the Clintons have been pressured into reducing the size of their foundation.