Goatman Is Hairy, Horny … And This Bah-h-hdass Won’t Go Away

The half-goat, half-human creature was reportedly spotted across the U.S. Or was it?

A big hairy monster was once hiding under your bed, just like it was hiding under every kid’s bed.

But faster than you can say, “Mommy, can I sleep with the light on?” one of these beasts is making a comback, even though you’re all grown up now, or so you think.

Goatman ― the half-goat, half-man hybrid ― is the subject of a decades-old urban legend. But now, the internet thinks he’s returned to terrorize Maryland and various other parts of the country.

Goatman sightings have spread across various news outlets within the past week, and the beast was even a trending topic on Facebook.

But has anyone actually seen the Goatman recently? 

“There are always ‘new’ Internet-generated reports of dogmen, goatmen and similar creatures,” cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, who has studied ’goat-men’ in the past, told HuffPost in an email. “In general, they are not new, but merely recycled.”
Legend has it that the Goatman was an experiment gone awry ― a scientist attempting to combine a human and a goat, but accidentally created a murderous creature that got loose and terrorized the streets of Maryland in 1957.
Still, recent Goatman reports appear to be unfounded. News outlets that covered the story linked back to a recent Movie Pilot post, which doesn’t mention any recent Goatman sightings.

Other sources include a Cult of Weird post from last year about a book on the topic and a Goatman video posted last year on the YouTube channel Strange Mysteries (the video has since gone offline), but neither report any Goatman sightings within the past week.

Looks like it’s just another case of internet hype. People on Twitter didn’t seem too psyched about the Goatman legend resurgence either. Many immediately brushed it off as false:

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there masquerading as a half-goat, half-man creature. One example is of a hunter who dressed like a goat to blend in with his prey. And earlier this year, a Niagara Falls recycling organization introduced their new mascot named Totes McGoats, who looks eerily like the alleged Goatman. 

The recent Goatman buildup is reminiscent of the alleged sightings of the “Jersey Devil” in October ― the Internet was flooded with stories about the Jersey Devil urban legend after a New Jersey man posted a photo of what appeared to be the famed furball in mid-flight.

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