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Is the Male Model Overlooked?

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In an industry where the female counterpart trumps the male twice-fold does the male model get overlooked? Sure it's programmed in our nature to think female when you hear the word fashion; however in an industry where the male is used mainly for his pecs rather than his runway walk, I feel we get left behind. When I say "we" I mean us boys. Why though? Why are we so overlooked when the global menswear market had a total revenue of 440 Billion dollars in 2014!?

Take into account that I obviously know that the menswear brands use male models duh! There's definitely a use for us, but where are the male supermodels? Where are the male models who are booking magazine covers? Where are the male models who are faces of brands? Yes of course they are fewer publications that cater to men entirely, but why aren't male models getting picked for the cover of top menswear magazines? Lets step outside the box a bit. Are male models booking W Magazine? Where's Tyson Beckford, David Gandy or Baptiste Giabiconi on these covers! Okay Tyson maybe a reach since he's a veteran but I'm sure he wouldn't mind gracing the cover. So what's the issue? I wish I could get to an editor to ask them that specific question. Can male models not generate a high enough profit ? Basically can male models sell magazines like the opposite sex? Better yet, has anyone tried it out since the 80's? It amazes me how much I fight, better yet advocate for male equality in an industry that's all about the woman. I'm just shocked at the difference in numbers; for instance, Gisele Bundchen is worth $360 million dollars courtesy of, while Tyson Beckford is only worth $14 million cited by the same source. Of course, you've seen more of her than you have of him, but why is that? Why can't male models dominate the way women can in the same industry?

Is there a lack of confidence in publications to push a male model the way they do female models? For instance Cara, Chanel, Joan, and so on we know these models. We hear their names, we see them everywhere, their even becoming celebrities in their own right, why can't male models do that, and not just be big in one country? Tyson Beckford is big here for a male model, does his light shine bright overseas? I know of Baptiste, because I pay attention to Chanel. Would I know of him if I didn't? Maybe, maybe not? My exact point is why does there have to be a grey area? Women and men know Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Kate Moss. Can men outside of the fashion industry name a male model? Can a woman outside of the industry name a male model? Excluding those I spoke about?2016-03-04-1457054817-5521729-tumblr_mpd2gptyob1qhodd8o1_500.gif