Is The Middle-Class American Dream Still In Reach?

Is The Middle-Class American Dream Still In Reach?

President Obama and Vice President Biden previewed their proposals to help the middle class on Monday. The president said the "middle class has been under assault for a long time." Biden said it's "nowhere near as strong as it needs to be."

It's all about the American Dream, Obama said.

It's the idea that in America we can make of our lives what we will. It's the idea that if you work hard and live up to your responsibilities, you can get ahead -- and enjoy some of the basic guarantees in life: A good job that pays a good wage, health care that'll be there when you get sick, a secure retirement even if you're not rich, an education that will give our kids a better life than we had. They're very simple ideas. But they're the ideas that are at the heart of our middle class -- the middle class that made the 20th century the American Century."

The White House is proposing more generous tax credits for families with children, caps on student loan payments, and more help for people taking care of their parents, among other things.

Biden said he and his siblings divided up the cost of caring for their elderly parents and didn't have any problems. "But I thought to myself, my lord, what would it be like -- a couple with two kids making $85,000 a year, even $125,000 a year? How do they do it?"

HuffPost readers: How do you do it? Is that middle-class American Dream still in reach? Has it slipped through your fingers? Tell us how all this middle-class talk sounds to the middle class.

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