The 'Is The New' In 'Orange Is The New Black' Isn't That New

"Orange Is the New Black" is the new thing to watch. The Netflix series chronicling the daily highs and lows of life as an incarcerated woman has charmed critics with its well-balanced servings of humor, heartbreak and above all, humanity.

But if the phrase "is the new" sounds familiar to you, that's because, of course, it is. "[BLANK] is the new black" originated in the fashion world, and nascent uses came in the early '80s in the Los Angeles Times. (A late-'70s version, from the New York Times: "Colors are the new neutrals.")

The entertainment world loves "is the new," too. You could even say that "Orange is the New Black" is the new "is the new." Take a look at some other examples below, and let us know if you think "Orange is the New Black" is the best "is the new" in the comments.

1. "Brown Is the New Green: George Lopez and the American Dream," a 2007 look into how Latinos like George Lopez are shaping Latin-American identity.
is the new

2."Different is the New Normal," a 2011 documentary about a 17-year-old high school student who struggles with Tourette's Syndrome.
is the new

3. "80 Is the New 40," a 2006 episode of "Girls Next Door."
is the new

4. "Pink Is the New Black," a season 6 episode of "The Apprentice." Of course.
donald trump

5. "Red Is the New Black," a season 4 episode of "The Mentalist."
red is the new black

6. "30 Is the New 20," a season 2 episode of "Sunset Tan."
sunset tan

7. "Vintage Is the New Black," a season 1 episode of "L.A. Frock Stars."
la frock stars

8. "Blood Is the New Black," a season 3 episode of "Pretty Little Liars."
pll is the new black

9. "Jerome Is the New Black," a season 8 episode of "Family Guy."
family guy is the new black

10. "Awake Is the new Black," a season 2 episode of "River Ridge.
the new black

Music gets in on it too...

11. "Quiet Is the new Loud," a 2001 album by Kings of Convenience.
quiet is the new loud

12. "Folk Is the new Black," a 2006 album by Janis Ian.
folk is the new black

13. "Awake Is the new Sleep," a 2005 album by Ben Lee.
awake is the new sleep

14. "Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead," a 2012 album by Charlie Hunter.
the new

15. "Night is the New Day," a 2012 album by Katatonia.
night is the new day

16. "Together Is the New Alone," a 2001 album by Donnacha Costello.
the new alone

17. "New Orleans is the New Vietnam," a 2012 album by Eyehategod.
loud is the new quiet

18. "Light Is the New Black," a 2012 album by Black Space Riders.

19. "Ranch Is the new French," a 2008 album by The Service Industry.

20. "Alright Is the New Fantastic," a 2010 album by Teddy Goldstein & The Goldsteins.
alright is the new

21. "Blood Is the new Black," a 2003 album by The Love Scene.
the new black

The more you know.

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