Should Tacos Be Considered a Sandwich? The Verdict Is in

"If you can crush up a sandwich, serve it to someone on a plate, and they don’t bat an eye, it’s not a sandwich."

There's a lot of confusion about what constitutes a sandwich. If you take Merriam-Webster's simple definition of it, a sandwich is two pieces of bread with something (such as meat, peanut butter, etc.) between them. Despite this clear-cut definition, the issue continues to befuddle the masses.

For example, most people don't consider a hamburger a sandwich. (It is.) And the hot dog has just been officially taken out of the sandwich category even though it is almost always sandwiched between two pieces of bread. That got us thinking, where does this leave the taco?

A taco doesn't come with bread, but instead tortilla, which is a form of bread. And then there's the filling, which is technically sandwiched between corn or flour tortilla. We polled the HuffPost newsroom to get a pulse on the opinion of the masses, and the verdict is in: the editors answered with a resounding "NO." Tacos are not sandwiches. Here's why:

  • "Does anyone go to Taco Bell and ask, 'Hey can I get a grande sandwich?' No." - Amber Ferguson
  • "I think if you can crush up a sandwich, serve it to someone on a plate, and they don't bat an eye, it's not a sandwich. A crushed taco becomes taco salad. A crushed ham and cheese on wheat becomes a mushy mess." - Andy McDonald
  • "A taco is not a sandwich. The sandwich is a culinary tool of Western European colonialism. The taco is a triumph for the Mexican working class." - Zach Carter
  • "Another vote for 'absolutely not a sandwich.' Sandwich is a verb! It means wedging something between two things! Now, if you took two tortillas and stacked slices of ham between them, THAT would be a (very unappetizing) sandwich." - Madeleine Crum
  • "Hellllllll no, it's definitely not a sandwich. It can't be a sandwich if there's no bread." - Minou Clark
  • "Not a sandwich. When you bite it, half its contents fall on the plate. This lack of secureness indicates it's not a sandwich." - Cristian Farias
  • "Nope, not a sandwich. Tacos are in a category (and league) of their own. In fact, most sandwiches wish they were tacos." - Tanisha Ramirez
  • "I think the only way a taco would come anywhere close to qualifying as a sandwich was if someone decided to just go ahead and make a taco and then stuff the whole thing between two pieces of bread (or maybe two quesadillas?) and maybe melt some more cheese on that or something. (How has Taco Bell not done this already?)" - Joseph Erbentraut
  • "The answer is no no no no no no no no no no and come on, man." - Jason Linkins
  • "ACTUALLY, a taco *is* a sandwich. Just kidding. I would never argue that. I'm actually missing how this is really even an argument. Isn't a taco, tautologically, a taco?" - Matt Fuller
  • "Tacos are all about what's inside. The tortilla, really, serves as a vehicle for the contents of the taco. Sandwiches are too often all about the bread." - Alexander Kaufman
  • "Corn tortillas are not bread. therefore taco is not a sandwich in colloquial sense. Tacos may use flour tortillas, which make it similar to a wrap, but a wrap is clearly designed as a lower-carb replacement for a sandwich, whereas a single taco is not seen as a replacement for entire sandwich." -Tyler Kingkade
  • "No; it is a taco. It does not wrap all the way, like a wrap does." - Damon Beres
  • "Not for nothing, but I think the taco probably came first... so is the sandwich a taco?" - Sujata Mitra

There you have it folks, the taco is not, nor will it ever be, a sandwich. If you disagree, please let us know in the comments below.

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