Is the Twilight Saga Heralding the Reincarnation of the B-Movie?

I really hope this new Twilight film is just as bad as the first one. Yes, I saw Twilight three times in the theater. And I watch it regularly at home when there's nothing better on. And I've read all the books. Twice. But you know what? Twilight is crap. Seriously. It's bad writing, ridiculous characters, excessive and unrealistic, but most importantly: it's fun. It's a lot of fun. Both the books and the film are so bad they're good. And that's the best kind of fun you can have with a really bad book or film.

I'm nervous, however, that since that the first film was such a success, that New Moon will be significantly better. Better special effects (or maybe not, because I'm pretty sure that "I love boys who sparkle!" was a top-selling sticker at Hot Topic last year), better direction, and definitely better acting (nothing beats Robert Pattinson's Latino sounding "hello" in the biology scene where Edward and Bella have the most pained conversation of small talk ever). In my opinion, this would not be a good thing for the Twilight franchise. Twilight needs to embrace its status as craptastic filmmaking at its finest, and continue to woo the masses with its sparkles and angst and perfectly curated "emo" soundtrack.

I strongly believe that pop culture today is seriously lacking in B movies. I remember being little and hearing about B movies -- from the packed matinees, to the charismatic B actors, to the whole campy and culty scene around them. That always seemed to me like a whole lot of fun. People who don't take themselves too seriously, people making movies just for the hell of telling a ridiculous story. That's what Twilight is. It's camp, it's crap -- it's the 21st century version of the B-movie. And I love it.

So imagine my concern that this next film might be a little too good. The joy of watching Twilight over and over again is laughing at the absurdity of it all. And to marvel at our societies' bizarre, endless fascination with tales of forbidden vampire love. But mostly to look at the pretty Robert Pattinson. And all the other crap.