Is There A Difference Between The Sexes When It Comes To Fitness?

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There’s a blatant sexism in the fitness industry. One only has to look at fitness stock photos too see this blatant double standard between men and women. Women are treated like toned sex objects lifting small weights and doing simple exercises whereas men are depicted as hulking muscle bound super humans capable of doing anything. This view, while troublesome, is pretty common outside the fitness industry as well.

The predominant belief is that women have more trouble building muscle and staying toned than men. Or that certain types of exercise are reserved for certain genders. There are plenty of men who scoff at the idea of a pilates class or women who think lifting weights will come at the cost of their breast size.

So what’s the difference between the sexes when it comes to fitness and building muscle?

It seems there are none. YouTuber and fitness guru Jeff Nippard’s new video showcases just how wrong all of these preconceptions are. His science based argument uses basic human physiology to break down preconceptions about the relationship between fitness and gender.

Nippard finds women have a natural potential to build muscle just like men. In fact, men and women have the exact same growth potential when it comes to strength training. Nippard does highlight the fact that women start out smaller with lower muscle mass. So it’s only natural that they have a smaller (starting) muscle mass but that’s it.

The truth is that sex and fitness have a correlation but the relationship is much more complex than a lack of strength. So, with all the nuances in mind, let’s refuse the gender bias in fitness. Maybe then the culture will become a little more welcoming to newcomers.