Is There Enough Room For Your Future To Show Up?

Busy. Busy. Busy.

We're constantly running from one place to the next, filling every single moment of the day with something.

But the problem with having so much busyness going on is you miss the really good stuff.

Like seeing better opportunities when they present themselves.

Like having the time to say yes instead of turning them away. (Or ignoring them altogether.)

You really want time to "do your thing". Yet right now, you have no idea what that "thing" really is. It's hard to welcome something new into your life when you think of it in fleeting moments, like when you're in line at the drive-thru or sitting in rush-hour traffic on your way to work. What you need is quality time to start the process. Paint if you want to paint. Write if you want to write. Dance if you want to dance. And if you have no idea, just do something anyway. The dance will lead somewhere...

You want to be more committed to the one you love. Your significant other used to be your everything. Now you're ships that pass in the night. Think back to a time where you couldn't get enough. You spent time together. You MADE time for each other. Now it's just busy, busy, busy. Un-commit to things that don't matter to find the time to commit to one another. Do something together. Like flirting for an hour over a very big glass of wine. And an hour "to kill" where all you do is look at each other and talk. NO PHONES. Just you. Once a week.

Yep, life will start "getting' good" real fast.

Because the universe only gives you what you're ready for. Things happen when you're prepared to accept them into your life. You have to be able to notice them in order to welcome them.

If you're too busy, they will simply pass you by.

Are you moving slow enough to accept the new when it arrives?

Do you say no to the "busy" to have room for what you desire?

Do you have free time to allow the new to settle in?

Will your head give you permission to enjoy what you desire?

Slow down.

Say no more often.

Give yourself a chance to notice what's around you.

Make the space for what's important.

Give yourself permission to reach for and take what matters most.

Because when you allow yourself to have the space to breathe, life presents itself in entirely new ways.