Is There Life in Your Life?

I have a super important question for you. Are you enjoying your days? Do you slog through life, just barely holding it together to try to just make it through your week? Does everything feel like a drag? Do you use caffeine to get yourself pumped up and alcohol to chill you out? If this is you, you're not alone! Let's transform this mindset and these habits.

Don't get me wrong, I realize that not all days are going to be sunshine and rainbows, it does take some downs to appreciate the ups. That said, did you know that YOU have the power RIGHT NOW to switch your perspective and truly engage in life, to add so much more LIFE into your LIFE!

If you take the time out to look at the big picture isn't life is such a MIRACLE? We get ONE chance on this planet (as far as we know) to live, why on earth would we ever wish the time away? Let's get grateful! If we can take the time to appreciate the miracles all around us, and to look at life's challenges as learning opportunities we automatically bring more positivity into our lives without so much as lifting a finger. So why do we resist this? Many of us are stuck. We're in a perpetual cycle of depression, seriously! So what are some things that you can do TODAY to break the cycle?

Here are some of my FAVORITE ways to add life into my days:

1) Get Grateful If you woke up this morning and put your feet on the ground, If you started your day with access to incredible food, if you have family and/or friends that you love/love you - GET Grateful! Say your gratitudes out loud, write them down..whatever works for you, do it! Focusing on all of the things that are amazing in our lives doesn't leave room for focusing on the challenges that we face and we can take them on with an entirely different perspective.

2) Move You don't need to be a powerlifter or marathoner, just move your body in a way that you love. Dance in your living room to tunes that you love, grab an awesome friend and go for a walk! The positive endorphins and energy that you get from moving your body are THE best FREE antidepressants out there.

3) Nourish You know how important this is to me. Many folks are living on processed food crap. Garbage in, garbage out I like to say. VEGETABLES (lots of non-starchy ones!), lean protein, healthy know it, it will make a WORLD of difference in your mood, your energy, your health, your life! Let's ditch the processed food crap!

4) Have Fun Who says that grown ups can't play and have fun. That thinking sucks, so lame! Do something that you are curious about or that you love and do it daily!

5) Make Someone's Day Doing something nice for someone else can make you feel AHHHMAZING too! Send someone an incredible note telling them how grateful you are for them, bring them a healthy, jarred salad for lunch, pay for someone's parking. It's so easy to add random acts of kindness into our days and will inspire others to pay it forward.

5) Be Inspired Spend time with people that are rocking their lives, read inspiring books, watch podcasts. None of us are going to feel inspired every day however every day is an incredible opportunity be inspired, to learn, and to up-level our lives.

6) Think Abundantly Instead of what we can't have, why not what we CAN! We all have a long list of things that we CAN do...Shift that perspective!

7) Disconnect and Reconnect As humans we crave real life connection with others. If we spend time lurking on social media looking at others and what they have, what they are doing it's easy to get caught up in the comparison game which can leave us feeling empty and lonely. Let's take some time to disconnect from devices and reconnect in person.

8) Get outside -There's nothing like getting outside to take in nature's masterpieces to really put things in perspective. Breathing fresh air, letting the wind blow through your hair, watching the orchestra of intricate details that make this planet so very surreal, FREE therapy!

So what are you waiting for? This is your LIFE guys... let's really LIVE it. If we all implement these actions and start adding life to our days NOW, we'll spread positive energy like wildfire!

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