Is there really a need for Post-Election day Fireworks?

Is there really a need for Post-Election day Fireworks?
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For weeks now I've been thinking about election night and how the winner intends to celebrate or self-congratulate. So news today that Clinton's team is planning two minutes of fireworks to celebrate her victory seems exactly the wrong message to send to voters exhausted and worn out from the fireworks of the last several months. After all, what are we celebrating?

I say forget the balloons dropping from the ceiling and just thank everyone with big toothy grins, waves, a thumb's up and get to work. And that goes for the Inauguration ceremonies as well. While I loved watching the Obamas and their celebratory swearing in ceremonies -- and I will surely miss their JCrew twinsets and Michelle's gorgeous wardrobe -- how about saving taxpayer money this time with a simple hand on the Bible and a pledge to save our country and restore the confidence we've lost. Celebrations are for happy occasions and we're not sure what lies ahead with either victor or whatever we are to call the winner of this election.

Being disciplined, showing us that you understand how we feel and what you have put us through, and going straight to the Oval Office with the best advisors you can find to provide expert advice, will be the best way to celebrate your election. The fireworks and balloons can be saved for another time.

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