Widow Says She's In Love With Online Suitor; Stepdaughter Believes It's A $200,000+ Scam

Seventy-year-old Kaye recalls meeting “Aaron,” the man she now calls “the love of my life,” on a dating website in March 2014. “The first time I heard his voice, it was like fireworks went off," she says. "When he says I love you, it just gives you chills.”

Kaye says they’ve been “dating” for a little over a year, although they’ve never met in person. But she says that doesn’t bother her and that she can’t wait to marry “Aaron” — who she says is a retired airline engineer, aviation instructor and entrepreneur — as soon as he returns from the United Kingdom, where, as she explains, he claims he is stuck dealing with “business issues.” Eager to help him, Kaye admits she has sent “Aaron” thousands of dollars.

“I know in my heart, I believe it with everything I have within me, that he will be here,” Kaye says. “I don’t know when, but he will be here.”

But Kaye’s stepdaughter, Kathy, says she doesn’t believe “Aaron” really exists — and she’s concerned her stepmother is being scammed to the tune of $200,000.

“My stepmother, Kaye, was like a mother to me. I spent every day with my mother until this ‘Aaron’ guy came along,” Kathy says. She claims that she learned from others that her mom was marrying “Aaron” and was devastated. “I cried and cried and asked her why she didn’t tell me. She got very rude and told me I was nothing to her. It was none of my business. I knew something was drastically wrong.”

Kathy shares why she believes her mother is being duped. “In one breath she told me she met 'Aaron', and in the next breath she said she had never met ‘Aaron.’ I knew right then this person was scamming her,” she says. “I became very suspicious that my mother was giving ‘Aaron’ money, because she was selling my dad’s belongings. My mother finally admitted two weeks ago that she was sending all this money to ‘Aaron.’”

Kathy turns to Dr. Phil for help saying, “I want this man out of her life totally and completely forever.”

Watch the video above as the women come face to face, and see more from the show here. And, on Friday, Dr. Phil tries to unravel the mystery and find out who "Aaron" really is and if Kaye may be getting scammed.

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