Is Trump the Goddess in Drag?

I’m cringing at the thought of the tweet I might get back as a result of that title. But I'm serious.

In the Hindu pantheon of goddesses, Shiva is the Divine Masculine, the Absolute Stillness, the No-thing. Shakti is that which becomes something out of the nothing, the life force within all forms; she is the Goddess who gives movement and form to every bit of life. She lives in every cell.

If you follow this, then you understand that devotion to Shakti, to the Goddess, means loving ALL of life. There is no “we” and no “they.” So that would mean Donald Trump, whether he knows it or not, is made of Shakti. He is the Goddess in drag. We all are.

Trump the Goddess? Really? How could that be?

Here’s the thing about those Hindu goddesses: when the goddess takes the form of Durga or Kali, she is both birther and destroyer. Kali wears a necklace of skulls and is noted for entering the battlefield and lopping off heads. Then she sits down on the battlefield and nurses her baby.

Yuck! You might be saying. Why would anyone worship a goddess like that? Well, if this is your reaction, I ask that you not be so literal. She is symbolically lopping off the heads of her enemy, which is illusion. Like Christ, who came with the sword, she is after truth.

A great cosmic joke could be at work here, where we have yet another chance to look at illusion—fake news, if you will—right in the face. When we look at history, it appears that we’ve looked at illusions before, but we circle right around and embrace them again.

What are the illusions that the Trump Goddess is showing us? Here are just four:

1. The illusion that there is a “we and a “they.”

We see this in the travel ban. And we fall for it out of fear. Where has that led? To war, over and over. So this could be a chance to choose non-fear. To lop the head right off fear. Because that’s where fear lives—in our minds. That would be a revolution.

2. The illusion that power “over” is real power

The United States was born out of the notion of freedom, and now Trump has won using the old Manifest Destiny idea of America First. As if that will make us secure or free. Power “over” other people and countries is the old way that is hopefuly in its death throes. It has brought us to the brink of extinction. We have another choice. The goddess is showing it to us.

3. The illusion that greed wins

This is an illusion that is supported by appearances all over the culture and all over the globe. But out of living this way for millennia, how’s that workin’ for us? The Goddess is showing us where that form of fake news is taking us: toward policies that exclude the marginalized in every way. Is this really being a winner? The Goddess is shaking her lovely head, full of golden hair…

4. White Men are entitled to maintain their superiority and position of power

Don’t get me started. As Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood recently pointed out, if more men in Congress were to get pregnant, things might be different. Just look at the array of suits and white faces and pretend you’re from another planet observing. Wouldn’t you wonder where the “others” are?

Now, don’t get me wrong about Trump as Goddess. I’ve been having temper tantrums about Trump and his policies, and have been suffering and experiencing the great Gnashing of Teeth over perfectly sweet and apparently sane WOMEN who persist in supporting him. It’s beyond me. It boggles the mind.

That’s exactly why, as a spiritual seeker, I’ve had to go beyond the mind to the spiritual dimension in order to balance and survive in this unfolding tragedy. After all, we don’t know the ending yet. This could be the Goddess at work, and all the de-construction could be necessary in order for us to make powerful choices to construct a new era. But this will require us to show up differently than in the past. We are being forced to choose.

What do you choose? What is your truth? Who is your Goddess?

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