Is Twitter Bad For Comedy: Christian Finnegan & Megan Amram Debate


Let's be honest, we're all spending more time on Twitter than we can reasonably justify when pressed.

But it's so hard not to.

After all, it's a 24-7 fountain of information and entertainment; a non-stop chat party and we're all invited. But like any party -- no matter how great -- it sometimes wears us out.

How many times have you rolled your eyes after seeing someone you know to be a humorless prat attempt to tweet an honest-to-goodness joke? How many times have you felt shame at attempting the same yourself only to wind up bereft of all those precious RTs you anticipated.

Reader's Digest once made us all feel informed, and now Twitter makes us all feel like we're funny. But should the joke-writing be left in the hands of the professionals? Do we really need the entire world cracking wise over the Grammys? If everyone's a comedian, is anyone a comedian?

Or has Twitter made the discovery of unique new voices even more democratic, even more intrepid. Has it leveled the playing field for those of us who may have not had the courage or access to a microphone, stage and audience?

These are the questions we put to our two experts: both professionally funny people who also Tweet. Christian Finnegan is a comedian, actor and writer with many years of touring as a standup under his belt, as well as albums, Comedy Central specials and other TV roles. Megan Amram is a writer and Internet sensation with a formidable 180,000-strong Twitter following. We asked them to duke this issue out in the name of making us all smarter... and funnier.

Join the debate below and see if Christian or Megan can change your mind!

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