Is Your Bra Aging You?

Stop trying to fit your 32F chest into your old 34B bras! At 50 your body has moved on and so have your breasts. Even after an in-store professional bra fitter diagnosis we’re skeptical. The truth is mature breasts vary a lot in shape, fullness, proportions, position and spacing even though thousands of women may wear the same bra size. Here’s how to choose:

IF YOUR BRA AND BREASTS SAG: The band or cups may be too big. Lots of older breasts are teardrop shaped and fuller at the bottom. Lift them up and off your midriff for a youthful front and side view. A balcony bra provides small to medium chests with sexy boost. A full-cup foam lined bra can fill the top of larger breasts for a more rounded shape. Your button front shirts, blouses and matte jersey dresses will benefit.

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