Is your business fully aligned with your soul?

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I seem to coach quite a few heart based biz owners. I don't know how this happened, but I guess it's a case of like attracts like. And it's true I do tend to relate to entrepreneurs more than people with a 'real job'.

Something I notice on a regular basis is the disconnect between the person and the business.

Are you like that? Do you separate your biz from your life?

That's something I just don't understand.

Because if you ARE in biz for yourself, then you MUST have chosen it because you love it.

And if you love it that much, why differentiate biz life from personal life?

I mean, SURELY you're always thinking up new ideas, cooking up a storm, plotting your world domination.... Aren't you?

So if that's the case, why on earth would you separate your biz from your life?

Why would you want to flick the switch off because it's 5pm? What if your best ideas occur to you at midnight?

It's YOUR life, so obviously you can do whatever the hell you like.

And it's YOUR biz too! So that means you can do whatever the hell you like there too!

If you're like me, you SMILE at the thought you can get up at 5:30 to get cracking on your biz.

If you're truly aligned with your biz, you CAN'T wait to get stuck into it each day.

If you're fully aligned with your biz, you DON'T NEED to look at the clock to decide when to switch off.

If your biz is an authentic extension of you, then there's no on or off switch.

Rather, it's a fluid balance of life and biz all rolled into one where YOU get to CHOOSE what you do, when you do it, how you do it. AND just as importantly, YOU get to INJECT your heart, soul, and life, into your biz so that your clients and customers can see your light shining bright and they know they are buying INTO YOU, and not just some faceless Thing with no spirit.

So if you are finding that you are clocking on and clocking off like some 1984 scene, wouldn't you rather align your biz with your soul so that you can fully enjoy and love it, AND in turn attract the kind of people who BUY INTO YOU rather than shop on price?

People who buy into YOU have longevity.

People who shop on price are here, there and everywhere.

Who do you feel called to spend your time with?

And how do you feel called to serve them?

Put yourself and your soul into your biz.

Sell yourself. Sell your soul.

You'll never look back.


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Anna Shelley is an intuitive mindset coach who helps you figure out exactly who you are and what you stand for so that you can pave your own path to create and live your Crazy Big Dreams in alignment and flow.
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