Is Your Husband Jealous of Your Relationship With Your Dog? 5 Signs to Watch Out For

After my recent article, dogs or a date at Valentine's, the question was raised in our house whether I preferred spending Valentine's with the dogs rather than my husband.

So it got me thinking, are there other men around the world wondering the same thing. Do they wonder whether their wife loves the dog more than them?

5 Signs That Your Husband Is Jealous Of Your Relationship With Your Dog


He jumps in between you on the sofa

Admit it, the sofa is for you and the dogs to snuggle down to watch a movie. They know where their spot is and you know where yours is. It's a perfect harmony. Until your husband decides that now you should all sit on the sofa together. The dogs don't like it, you're not sure about it and everything is out of balance. This is a sure sign he is jealous and trying to get your attention. Next he'll want the dogs on the floor, so best to address the issue as soon as possible.

He's constantly pining for your attention

Have you noticed that your husband is getting increasingly needy? Every time the dog comes over to you for some love your husband is there too? He wants to do more with you, take more long walks alone, even suggesting you play catch in the garden. He's been snacking on biscuits more and makes more noise when he drinks his coffee than normal - almost at times sounding like he is lapping it up! This is a sure sign he wants your attention.

He leaves gifts of socks and pants on the floor for you

Much like your dogs like to steal socks and pants out of the laundry basket and leave them all over the house, you have noticed that your husband has started to do the same. Every time you go to the bathroom he's left something that needs washing on the floor for you. They are by the bed, in the bathroom and you even are now finding socks in the lounge. When you bring up the subject he denies he is doing it on purpose.

He has actually taken to giving you his paw

When your dog gives you their paw it's cute - right? The head tilt, the gorgeous eyes and that furry paw just melt your heart. But have you noticed that your husband is mimicking that look when he goes to hold your hand. He stares at you for longer and you have noticed he is developing a head tilt when he talks to you. It's a classic sign of jealousy to mimic the person (or dog in this case) that you want to become. It's a slippery slope that needs to be addressed.

He has suggested dressing up like a dog

It was only a casual remark he made about you preferring him if he looked more like the dog, but the most jealous husbands will start to think if they dress up like a dog you will love them more. It's the worst case of jealousy you will see, but if can happen if the problem isn't diagnosed and dealt with early. Whether he would carry it out is questionable, but if the subject is brought up you need to make sure you nip it in the bud. Help your husband see you have time for everyone in your life before he is barking like a dog, wagging his tail and licking your toes.

Is your husband displaying any of these symptoms - is it stopping you from showing your dog how much you love them?