Is Your Organization Thinking About Women in the Workplace?

Today on the Future in 5, I talk about the importance for organizations to really think about what can be done can do to help attract and retain more top talent, especially women. I came across an interesting release on Vodafone who has introduced a new maternity leave policy across the entire organization whereby they now have a mandatory 16-week full-paid maternity leave. Additionally, for the first 12 weeks upon returning, women can work 30 hours a week and get full-time pay. Vodafone, who is considered the first organization to introduce such a policy, said that this was a way to attract and retain top talent. KPMG estimates that by implementing this new policy Vodafone will save up to $19 billion. Recent articles talk about how women are better leaders, how they are doing a better job at running our organizations. The research I did for my infographic on women in management actually corroborates this. We're going to see a shift, so don't be surprised to see more organizations following suit with maternity leave programs such as Vodafone. My question to you is what is your organization doing to think about women and the future of work? Let me know.

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