Is Your Reader Hungry for More?

Is Your Reader Hungry for More?
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When we listen to great speakers and authors (assuming we like their message), we buy their books. When we really connect with the content and style of their writing, we want more. We look for other books they have written or products they've created.

You don't have to be a bestselling author for your readers to want more of you and from you. Think in terms of breaking up your content into lessons for audio products or a downloadable pdf. Your book is a perfect starting point for more products, both free and for profit. What can you offer and how can you deliver it to them? In many, many ways.

Free Gifts: In your book and presentations, direct people to a page on your website where they can download free extra gifts such as:

  • Special tip sheets
  • Quizzes
  • Posters that highlight the main lessons of your book
  • Mini-workbooks with additional exercises or restating those you demonstrated on stage or in your book
  • Monthly or quarterly newsletters with new updates and features
  • Recorded interviews or teleseminars
  • Transcripts from Interviews or teleseminars
  • User guides with templates for implementing your strategies
  • Analysis tools (I created an emotional analysis tool to support my book Your Destiny Switch -- you can see the Emotional Analysis Tool on the front page of )

Products for sale: You can sell these products individually or bundle them together for unique value packages sold on your website or in the back of the room. These don't all have to be products you create yourself. They can be of similar content and an extension of your subject matter and produced by an affiliate partner.

  • Audio products (downloadable or on a flash drive)
  • Toolkit or Owner's Manual that takes the reader deeper into your content
  • Home study course or workbook
  • Instructional teleseminars with corresponding Power Point
  • "Masters" interview recordings (audio or video) of people who have benefited from your work or who are in a similar genre

You don't have to create an elaborate product. Sometimes you can simply be a participant on someone else's teleseminar and request the right to the recording to use in any manner you choose.

Be creative. Think in terms of all of the different styles in which people learn - visual, auditory, kinaesthetic -- and deliver what they want. Find a way to make it attractive and easy for your reader to access.

Remember that your products are part of your brand so always think in terms of quality and class. Even if what you are providing is free, don't be cheap in the way it is produced or presented.

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