Isaac Brumaghim Fights Shark For Tuna Off Coast Of Hawaii (VIDEO)

Every fisherman has a story about the one that got away, but Isaac Brumaghim was lucky enough to get video proof of his battle with a big fish.

He was even luckier to survive his face-to-face encounter with an agitated shark

On Sunday, Brumaghim, 37, was fishing two miles off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, when a tiger shark took an interest in his catch. The 400-to-500 pound carnivore nearly jumped into his kayak to grab a kawakawa he'd just hooked.

“I was reeling in the kawakawa and at the last moment I could see right behind that there was something big and green. And I was kind wondering like what was going on there,” Brumaghim told KHON-TV. “And it happened so fast. Next thing you know the kawa took off again and then the shark splashed and that’s when I realized that there was a shark trying to get the kawakawa.”

The frenzied footage was captured in a camera Brumaghim mounted on his kayak.

Marine biologist Wayne Samiere reviewed the clip said the shark did what comes naturally.

"If a fish is distressed it sends out electrical vibration signals, plus if it's hooked it's probably also leaking some blood, and all a shark needs is just one little small taste of that signal and it's going to make a beeline right for that target," Samiere told Hawaii News Now. "It would have been an intimidating thing to be around and in the water."

The experience still rattles Brumaghim, who, fortunately, escaped uninjured.

"It definitely was an adrenaline rush for me out there," he said, according to "Life and death right in front of you. It put some things into perspective."

But not that much.

After his encounter with the shark -- which the shark won -- Brumaghim stayed in the seas long enough to catch two more fish, reported.




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