Isaac Mizrahi Speaks Out Against Breast Implants: 'I'm Not A Fan'

Notoriously outspoken 'Project Runway' judge Isaac Mizrahi didn't have any issue speaking out against breast implants in an interview Monday with Huffpost Live, even after host Caitlyn Becker proudly revealed that she had them.

"I'm not a fan of a breast implant," he said. "There's just too many of them. It's becoming, like, almost as acceptable as real ones. And it's becoming like there's no distinction between the two... In other words, if someone likes a breast implant more than a real breast, I think that's crazy."

"I didn't have any real breast before that, so to speak!" Becker said.

"Isn't that beautiful?" Mizrahi countered. "I think women's bodies are beautiful. They should all be considered beautiful."

Mizrahi's lauding of "natural" breasts is just one of the several ways that the fashion designer has spoken in support of "real women." He prides himself on his eponymous fashion line offering sizes up to a XXXL, and spoke extensively to Becker about how "fashion should be inclusive" of all women.

Watch the rest of Isaac Mizrahi's interview with Huffpost Live below:



Isaac Mizrahi and Arnold Germer