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Isaak Lasson, 6, Finds Missing Lego Piece In His Nose (VIDEO)

Isaak Lasson can finally breathe easy after three years of sinus problems.

The cause? A single wheel-shaped Lego piece that he got stuck up his nose back when he was 3.

At least that's what his dad, Craig Lasson, said he thinks. His son started having a hard time breathing back then.

"I felt so bad," the father told Isaak "was sleeping with his mouth open, trying to breathe."

Numerous doctors looked at isaak's nose and prescribed antibiotics.

But last week, a new doctor noticed that Isaak seemed to have something foreign stuck up his schnozz and asked what it might be.

"I put some spaghetti up there, but that was a long time ago," Isaak told the doctor, according to KTLA-TV.

But it wasn't pasta that was up Isaak's nose, just a ball of fungus encasing a Lego wheel.

"We think he bent it in half -- it's pretty flexible -- and that it opened up once it got into his sinuses," Isaak's father told reporters.

Although Craig Lasson momentarily worried he was a bad parent for needing three years to figure out the Lego problem plaguing his son's sinuses, he said he is happy that Isaak is eating and sleeping better than he has in years.


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