Isabel Celis' Mother Defends Husband Sergio Celis, Says He's 'A Great Father'

The mother of a missing Arizona girl is defending her husband as "a great father" even though authorities have barred him from seeing their two other children.

Meanwhile, Tucson police announced on Monday that they'll search the neighborhood of 6-year-old Isabel Celis again. Police hope to generate fresh leads by talking to neighbors they didn't talk to on previous searches near the Celis' home.

Detectives will also visit registerred sex offenders with histories of targeting children, according to KPHO, as they try to solve Celis' disappearance. Her father Sergio Celis reported her missing on April 21.

Child welfare authorities stepped in last week and reached an agreement that Sergio Celis wouldn't have contact with his 10- and 14-year-old sons. It's unknown why the dad can't see his sons, but police confirmed that a protective services agency was called to the family's home last year.

To comply with the order, Sergio and his wife Rebecca Celis have separated. She has custody of their sons.

In remarks at a vigil last week to mark the one-month anniversary of Celis' abudction, she defended Sergio

"My husband's a great father," she said, according to KGUN. "He's a great husband, a great father to the boys and to Isabel. At the end of the day when Isabel comes home, everybody's questions will be answered.

Sergio told 911 operators that he discovered Isabel was gone from her bedroom when he went to wake her up. It appeared like an abduction to him, he said, because her window was open and a screen had been removed.

Police recently announced that they too think Celis was abducted.

Sergio and his wife Rebecca Celis have cooperated with authorities and haven't been labeled suspects.

Isabel Mercedes Celis