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Isabella Rossellini, Model/Actress, Wears A Casual White Tee In Rome (PHOTO)

It's no surprise that Isabella Rossellini is famous, just look at her family tree: Her mother was Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and her father was the Italian director Roberto Rossellini. While she didn't start modeling until her late 20s, she grew up surrounded by the glamorous film and fashion industries (daughter Elettra Wiedemann has also followed in the family's footsteps).

In the photo below, for example, a 19-year-old Isabella Rossellini was on the set of her father's 1972 film "Blaise Pascal" in Rome. Even though she wasn't a celebrity yet, the future Bulgari model and "About Face" star was meant for the silver screen -- look at those cheekbones, and that perfect pixie 'do. But it's the way the gorgeous actress makes a simple white tee and silk scarf look like couture that has us in awe.

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