Isaiah Washington: Chris Rock's Tweets About Getting Pulled Over Are Like Shouting 'Fire In The Theater'

Isaiah Washington thinks Chris Rock owes his social media followers a more in-depth explanation of the selfie he posted when he was pulled over by the police for the third time in less than seven weeks.

After Rock's photo went viral, Washington spoke out on Twitter by saying Rock should "adapt," apparently by following in the footsteps of Washington, who wrote that he traded in his Mercedes for three Toyota Priuses because he "got tired of being pulled over by police." Washington told "The HuffPost Show" on Friday that his tweets were "tongue-in-cheek in a way" with a hint of "truth in jest," but he was met with outrage online.

"Black Twitter went crazy because in the real life, how can you adapt to racial profiling?" Washington said.

But the "Blackbird" actor told hosts Roy Sekoff and Marc Lamont Hill that he'd like to hear what happened when Rock actually spoke to the cops who pulled him over. Washington said:

He never responded. To this day, we don't know what happened on that third [stop] in seven weeks. We still don't know from Chris Rock to this day what happened. You can't have 3 million followers and come out there and press the button -- that's like saying right now ... "There's a bomb on a plane or a fire in the theater," and then say, "Hey, I've been stopped three times," and then you don't give us the update on how you got out of it.

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