Isis Brantley, Dallas Woman, Mad At TSA For Checking Her Hair For Weapons


A Dallas-bound woman is angry at the TSA after agents stopped and searched her afro while she went through security at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Isis Brantley, a hairstylist, was rocking her signature haircut while going through security to make her American Airlines flight, Dallas' KXAS reports. Brantley, it should be noted, has not cut her hair since she was 12 (she is now 53).

"I just heard these voices saying, 'Hey you, hey you, ma'am, stop. Stop -- the lady with the hair, you," Brantley told the station. She then claims that TSA agents stopped her so they could "check for weapons." A female agent started "digging in her scalp."

The TSA released a statement to the news station saying, "Additional screening may be required for clothing, headwear or hair where prohibited items could be hidden. This passenger left the checkpoint prior to the completion of the screening process. She was offered but refused private screening."

But Brantley says that "they have never done that to me before". A TSA agent apologized to her regardless.

Back in July, Laura Adiele accused the TSA of racism after agents inspected her curly hair at Seattle's Sea-Tac airport.

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