ISIS is Rooting for Trump to Win the Presidency: Panic!

Donald Trump CANNOT keep America safe. An extremist spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric, that includes banning Muslims from entering the U.S., deporting all Muslims from this country – an entire religion – and unconstitutional, has given ISIS chubbies the size of Nukes Trump wants to launch.

My theory: ISIS is ramping up their attacks in the U.S. because Trump has presented himself as a strongman who will categorically and singularly defeat ISIS and ban Muslims. Sadly, it’s working- look at the polls. To state that he knows more about ISIS than the Generals in our military do is wildly inaccurate, offensive and ignorant.

Trump has no concept of what our international and domestic policies are and no regard for the constitution. He doesn’t read. He’s not interested in learning about what holding the highest office in the country entails. Democracy means nothing to him, though he’s benefited tremendously from it. His admiration of Putin, a vile autocrat, should terrify the hell out of you. Trump thinks that Putin’s high approval rating is a testament to his success. Do you know how ill-informed that statement alone is?! Putin’s citizens risk their lives if they defy him.

Vladimir Putin’s attack on homosexuality is shattering the lives of Russians. The LGBTQ community in Russia fears for their lives every single day. Trump does NOT support equality at all—not gay marriage, African Americans, Muslims, Jews, Latinos, people with disabilities, women who aren’t beautiful by his standards, Federal Judges, our military and all non-white males. In short, Trump is a racist, xenophobic, uneducated, uninformed hazard to America’s health.

This country is a democracy. Under a Trump regime, we risk losing the very things we cherish most. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of the Press. We will see an increase in terrorism. Internment camps will be resurrected for Latinos and Muslims. White supremacists who worship Trump will escalate attacks on minorities and LGBTQ people. Trump is likely to start a nuclear war and destroy all of our international relationships. We’ll all be dead, so who fucking cares, right?! WRONG. The Supreme Court will be stacked with conspiracy theory loving, right/white wing conservative nut-jobs who will decimate the Constitution for personal gain. Women’s reproductive and health care rights will be shattered. Equality – equal pay – all of it – go, go, going, gone. Advancements in medicine, science and technology will rapidly erode.

A reality star who offers his brand to private label properties and refuses to pay every day working Americans for the work they do is unfit for the presidency. Donald Trump is also unfit for presidency because he lacks the temperament required to thoroughly think through decisions. he aggressively attacks anyone who disagrees with him. Worst of all, he’s incendiary and dangerous, a hateful war mongering racist to the core.

Whether you like Hillary Clinton or not, VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON. Save democracy. Save the U.S. Don’t vote Trump. Don’t waste a vote on a third party candidate.

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