12 Reasons To Love Iskra Lawrence, Aerie's Unretouched Role Model

"I workout to feel strong & fit but also so I can eat some damn good brownies."

Aerie made major waves when it dropped the first Photoshop-free #aeriereal campaign back in 2014, and has continued to use a slew of unretouched models to promote the brand's underwear. U.K.-based model Iskra Lawrence, who joined Aerie in 2015, is perhaps the most recognizable of the bunch.

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On Tuesday, Lawrence, who was once dropped from a modeling agency for being "too big," was named the brand's newest "Role Model." The gig will take her across the country to meet Aerie customers on a college tour, as well as share her experiences, both good and bad, with fans on Aerie's website.

"I spent so many years being repeatedly rejected and told I wasn't good enough," Lawrence told The Huffington Post. "It took a huge toll on my self-esteem until I realized I am more than my body and that actually our beauty comes from diversity."

But there's way more to love about the curvy model -- who told us she'd get rid of the word plus-size because "We don't need to be categorized -- we are all individual and beautifully unique" -- than her kick-ass attitude and confidence. A perusal of her Instagram account, which has 1 million followers, thank-you-very-much, serves as proof. Here are 12 things we love about Lawrence:

1. She has her priorities in order.

2. She's been vocal about her disdain for Photoshop since 2014, when she and a few other models created a Photoshop-free calendar to raise money for cervical cancer awareness.

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3. Because this: "I workout to feel strong and fit but also so I can eat some damn good brownies."

4. Her braid game is on point.

5. And her bathing suit game rocks, too.

6. Because she bakes!

7. The girl can lift.

8. She just gets us.

9. She's honest about the perils of dating.

10. She posts some pretty epic #TBT's.

#tbt me and Bill... Way back when I was a national swimmer 🐳🏊

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11. She started Runway Riot, a fashion and beauty website for women of all shapes and sizes "dedicated to serving an underrepresented and often overlooked community of curvier women who deserve to have just as many stylish choices as everyone else."

12. And, she truly loves her body, "tiger stripe stretch marks," "cellulite lightning bolts" and all.

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