Isla De Las Munecas Is The Island Of Decapitated Dolls From Your Nightmares

Mexico's Horrific Island Of Dolls Will Haunt Your Dreams

Welcome to your childhood nightmare.

Not to sound harsh, but that's how we need to describe Isla de las Munecas, or "Island of the Dolls." The sinister playground floats in a canal just outside Mexico City. The island's former caretaker, Don Julian Santana, said he found a young girl floating dead in the canal more than 50 years ago -- but don't worry, his family reports he imagined the tale.

Whatever the case may be, Santana proceeded to collect dolls from the trash and canals for decades afterward, hanging them around the island in an attempt to please the young girl's spirit. In 2001, Santana was found floating dead in the same spot where he said he once found the girl. The island officially opened to tourists after his death.

What remains is a dark, decaying forest of Mexican misfit toys with "decapitated heads, severed limbs and blank eyes" that TOTALLY creeps us out.

isla de las munecas

isla de las munecas

doll island mexico


On a visit to Isla de las Munecas, you'll see dolls -- Barbies, babies, and mangled soft bodies -- strewn from trees and fences, surrounding a small cabin where a photo of the late Santana hangs on a wall. Locals say the dolls sometimes move their eyes or swivel their heads, a sign of the young girl's spirit coming back to life.

See for yourself by taking a ferry or gondola to the island from one of the wharfs in Mexico City. You'll most likely have to ask your hired boat to make a stop there, as it's not included on typical tour routes.

And when a tour is THIS eerie, we can understand why.

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