Ismael Cruz Talks 'In The Blood' And Working With Danny Trejo

By Michael Lopez


You’ve got admire the range of actor Ismael Cruz. By day he plays a happy-go-lucky Sesame Street character and by night, he’s starring in intense action films with Danny Trejo!

Cruz recently sat down with Latina to discuss his ongoing projects. The Puerto Rican native actually has quite an extensive resume, which also includes several New York theatre productions.

And though he clearly loves his Sesame gig, Ismael said he was very proud of the work he did with Danny. He encouraged all of his fans to see their "In The Blood" movie and offered a new perspective on the man behind Machete.

“Danny, you see him in movies as the scariest man on Earth but he’s so, so, so sweet!” Cruz told the mag. “He’s such a relaxed guy. Anybody that wants a picture with him, he’ll take one.”