ISPCC Releases Controversial Anti-Child Abuse Ad

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children launched its summer campaign against child abuse with an ad some describe as too graphic.

The video shows a young boy being punched, kicked, and slapped while he recites the ISPCC's "children's manifesto". At the end, he tells the viewer that he "can't wait to grow up."

However, some are calling the video too extreme to be viewed. Psychologist Owen Connolly told Ireland's Evening Herald:

"It is horrific -- it turned my stomach," he said. "The child is so innocent looking and we're not seeing the aggressive male, we're seeing the hurt child... It will provoke all kinds of trauma. It shouldn't be allowed to be broadcast."

The ISPCC disagrees. Lloyd Byrne, the organization's finance director, told the Irish Times that its imagery may move people to action as it accurately depicts what many children experience worldwide.

"We haven't plucked this image out of the sky," he said. "Child abuse is shocking; it is not nice to hear or see, but it takes place."


According to its website, the ISPCC is hoping to raise funds through its summer campaign, as a rise in need has been reported.

Last year, the organization said it received 830,000 calls to its child help line -- a 20,000 increase from 2009. However, due to budgetary restrictions, the ISPCC estimated that 35 percent of the total calls for help went unanswered.