Isra & Lito: "Reefer" Subject of Graphic Novel

Isra & Lito conveys the story of Israel "Reefa" Hernandez: a Miami teenager who was the unfortunate causality of a police tasering incident gone terribly wrong three years ago. If you don't know the incident, Reefer was tagging a McDonald's at night, the cops came, he ran, they chased. The 18-year old was tasered and unfortunately died. Not surprisingly the cop was not penalized.

His life's legacy is a story illustrating that BrownLivesMatter too. The media never focuses on Latinos who are also victims of militarized overzealous police.

However, Isra & Lito, is a children's book that doesn't convey anything about the tragic incident that took Israel's life too soon. If this book was to be read to a child, it would need qualification from the reader. The reader, parent, tutor, sitter, whoever, would have to explain to the child all the real life bullshit that happened that balmy August night. In other words, the book lacks context.

But on its own, Isra & Lito is a sweet ode to a rebellious soul who left us too soon. It tells the story of a young Colombian-American teenager who liked to skateboard and paint on Miami Beach. It's a pretty book. The illustrations are simple and colorful, the words poetic. It's definitely a children's book, maybe young adult, but anybody could dig it. It's a nice homage to a youthful spirit that left us too soon.

#RIPReefa #ArtIsNotACrime #305tillwedie

WHAT: Book Launch, Reading & Reception: Isra & Lito
WHEN: Sunday, Aug. 28, 5pm
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