Israel - Gaza Protest Photos

After 18 days of bloodshed, more than 1,000 people have died as a result of the war between Israel and Gaza. Talk of a 10-day ceasefire is in the works, but for now the violence continues. HuffPost World photographers have documented how the global community is responding to this political and humanitarian crisis.

Are you a witness to the conflict in Gaza and Israel? Are you attending a protest? Help HuffPost World document the ongoing conflict by sending us your photos.

Send your photos as attachments to Format them to 550 x 400 pixels, 150 resolution, and provide captions and bylines.

Captions should include as much information about the image as possible. Please tell us where you got the information. If you are unsure about a detail in the photograph, indicate so in the caption. Include your full name and where you live so we may credit your work accurately.

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