Israel: Fist in the Brain

Horror, anguish, rage, despair at the catastrophe in Gaza.

Today Israeli shells massacre women and children taking refuge at a U.N. school. Ah, how unfortunate. Last night a Scandinavian doctor at a Gaza hospital talks of hell. "They are bombing one and a half million people in a cage." Ah, how these doctors do exaggerate.

Does Israel have a fist instead of a brain? Its American-funded jets roar uncontested to dump their bombs, its tanks and artillery smash away, its white phosphorus shells rain burning globules (hair-splitting over whether their use here is blatantly a war crime).

It talks of peace and security. Of smashing terrorism. How do you "smash" the roots of hatred, when "smashing" breeds hatred?

One and a half million Gazans, already "on a diet" (as one Israeli politico put it), are without many basic services in a war zone. But Israel insists there is no humanitarian catastrophe.

Who you gonna believe, Israel or your lying eyes?

Except, of course, Israel is not allowing international journalists into Gaza--despite an Israeli Supreme Court order to do so! What does that tell you? This: Israel is keeping fine company with Robert Mugabe, with Bush and his "no coffin photos" policy.

Harsh words? Here are more. Israel's "shock and awe" (how can one read people using this term without recoiling in disgust) will accomplish nothing except new seedings of haters and suicide bombing--rage and more rage. More terrorism. No, I err: it will drive up the poll numbers of Israel politicos Livni and Barak, who trail in the presidential campaign behind that Cheney on a steroid bender, Bibi Netanyahu. It will drive up Hamas's poll numbers. So all this blood and gore? Worth it.

A fist instead of a brain. The butcher of Shatila, Arik Sharon, lies in a permanent vegetal state, for two years now. Imagine him a zombie, abroad in the night. A fitting icon for Israel these days.

I'm being purposefully savage.

Israel's monstrous atrocity in Gaza must stop immediately. It must be condemned. Israel is dead wrong.