Israel MAP: The Palestinian Region's Changing Borders

The Palestinian Region's Changing Borders

President Obama's call for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders has quickly stirred up controversy.

The call joins a heated debate about a key Palestinian demand that the borders be returned to those prior to the Six-Day War, when Israel occupied East Jerusalem, according to the AP. The move is a strong shift from previous U.S. position, and is almost certain to anger Israel.

Previous borders can be seen in the maps below.

From the AP:

Israel has said an endorsement of the 1967 borders would prejudge negotiations, and Obama took pains to show respect for Israel's views ahead of his meetings Friday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

You can see a clip from the speech below, or read more here.

While the speech barely touched on some of the more divisive issues in the conflict, how this statement will affect U.S.-Israel relations in the future is now a bit up in the air.

A map of the region according to the 1967 borders:

A map of the current breakdown of authority in the Israel/Palestine region:

A simplified version of the Original 1947 U.N. Partition Map:

Watch a segment of the President's remarks

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