Israeli Border Police Abuses Hit YouTube, Filed Under 'Comedy' (VIDEO)

Videos posted to YouTube last year have emerged that show Israeli Border Police harassing and humiliating Palestinians for their own amusement, Haaretz reports:

In one clip uploaded to the video sharing website an Arab youth is shown in arid terrain, slapping himself, while a voice is heard instructing him to say "I love you, Border Police," and "I will f**k you, Palestine," in Arabic. The victim is forced to respond to everything he is ordered to do, to the raucous laughter of the cameraman and his friends, all Border Policemen.

Here is the video in question, watch:

The videos are filed as "Comedy" on YouTube and each have over 2500 views. Another one has a Palestinian man who is commanded to repeat the lyrics "One Hummus and one ful [cooked broad beans], I love you Border Police" in Hebrew while clapping and hopping up and down.


Despite the videos, the Haaretz story quotes a Border Police spokesman who claims that there has been a decline in reports of abuses of late.

There are presumable more videos than these two. Feel free to provide links and, if you are able, translations in the comments below.

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