Israeli Food Recipes You Can't Live Without

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Israeli food has been on the up and up the past couple of years, and that can largely be attributed to the beloved UK chef Yotam Ottolenghi. With the success of his restaurants and the immense popularity of the cookbook he penned with Sami Tami "Jerusalem," it's easy to understand why the world is getting excited about this food right now. It also happens to be downright delicious.

From colorful salads to creamy spreads to rosewater-spiked sweets, it's no wonder that Israeli cuisine is getting the spotlight. The opening of Israeli-influenced restaurants stateside is a further testament to the rising popularity of this food. It should be noted that Israeli cuisine is a melting pot of various Middle Eastern dishes, which is why the food is so great.

In honor of this great Middle Eastern cuisine, we put together our favorite recipes that hail from the other side of the globe to share with you all. Enjoy!

Israeli Salad
Feasting at Home
Get the Israeli Salad recipe from Feasting at Home
Homemade Labneh
Get the Homemade Labneh recipe from Rikva via Food52
James Ransom/Food52
Get the Sabich recipe from fiveandspice via Food52
Danielle Oron/Food52
Get the Shakshuka recipe from Danielle Oron via Food52
Basic Hummus
James Ransom/Food52
Get the Basic Hummus recipe from Genius Recipes via Food52
Baba Ganoush
Jodi Moreno/Food52
Get the Baba Ganoush recipe from Jodi Moreno via Food52
Rainbow Sabich Salad
What Jew Wanna Eat
Get the Rainbow Sabich Salad recipe from What Jew Wanna Eat
Spiced Labneh
Kitchen Butterfly
Get the Spiced Labneh recipe from Kitchen Butterfly via Food52
Burekas Stuffed With Celery, Fennel And Potato
Vivian Henoch/Food52
Get the Burekas Stuffed with Celery, Fennel and Potato recipe from Vivian Henoch via Food52
Kale Khachapuri
What Jew Wanna Eat
Get the Kale Khachapuri recipe from What Jew Wanna Eat
Lablabi (Middle Eastern Spicy Chickpea Stew)
James Ransom/Food52
Falafel And Hummus Mezze Platter
Candiss K/Food52
Get the Falafel and Hummus Mezze Platter recipe from Candiss K via Food52
Lamb Shawarma
James Ransom/Food52
Get the Lamb Shawarma recipe from Monkeymom via Food52
Semolina Cake Soaked In Lemon Rosewater Syrup
Rinku Bhattacharya/Food52
Get the Semolina Cake Soaked In Lemon Rosewater Syrup recipe from Rinku Bhattacharya via Food52

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